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Lineage 2 Mafia Network Downloads!

How To Connect!

Download Our Patch:

You have to go through the following steps, in order to join our server.
Make sure to complete them all. Otherwise you may encounter various problems !
If you DO experience any trouble, feel free to either post your problems
on our forum, or contact us by e-mail
on the right hand site of the screen

1. Download Interlude Client
- Interlude Client

2. Install the game properly

3. Download one of our patches ,(choose .exe if you are adcanced user)

1)Patch .exe format Direct Link(1)

1b)Patch .exe format 4 Shared Link

2)Patch .rar format Direct Link(2)

2b)Patch .rar format 4 Shared Link

4. Unpack this to the main Lineage folder

(default path: C:/Program Files/Lineage 2)

5. Run the Game by double clicking on L2.exe . Accounts are autocreate.

Have Fun Playing on our Server and enjoy your stay !
You got enough info ! Now go, play and be the best ;)

For More Help See The Video!

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